Dealing with work can be very challenging on many levels. Learn how to value and transform the challenges.

Title Level Teaching Meditation
The con of busyness   Free

Why are we so busy and distracted? How concentration can really help.

Our computer mind   Free

Why we need to carry out our own personal daily system maintenance.

How to win the battle of time   Free

There is so much we want to do but never have enough time. Learn how you can make time work for you.

Strengthen your concentration   Free

Why strengthen our concentration and how do we do it?

The backpack of life   Free

Learn to let go of the things that are holding us back.

What happens when we stop?   Free

How do we deal with the chaos of life.

Keeping mentally fit   Free

We understand the importance of being physically fit, so isn't it even more important to be mentally fit?

Ultimate pain relief   Free

We already have an incredible tool to overcome all our problems and pain. We just need to look within our own mind and use it.

The beauty of humility   Free

How do you cope when you seriously mess up? Gently accepting our mistakes with understanding can transform any tricky situation.

Generating real confidence   Free

How we can feel totally confident and be free from the Chatterbox's insecurities and doubts - to be completely happy in your own skin.

Why we need active concentration   Free

Why do we need concentration? We live in an ever complex world, full of distraction. Our thoughts lead to feelings and emotions, so is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed. Here we look at the importance of active concentration and apply techniques to train our minds.

Overcoming the drudge   Free

Life is only mundane if we have a mundane attitude. We can all train our mind to make every moment meaningful and precious.

Measuring success   Free

Do you feel successful? What is success? How can we effectively measure achievement? What makes life truly fulfilling?

Deal effectively with stress   Free

Stress seems to be an increasing problem in our daily lives. Stress does not have to be inevitable, we can train our minds to deal with difficult situations positively and effectively.

The world is against you   Free

What do you do when it feels as if the whole world is against you and everything seems to be going pear-shaped?

The problem with Anger   Free

Maybe we think anger is a powerful motivator but it can be very destructive and with damaging results. This session looks at the process of getting angry and how to control it.

Dealing with difficult people   Free

We probably all have people in our lives that we struggle with or push our buttons. We can't change them but we can change our attitude to them so they become valuable.

Emergency help   Free

What can we do when we feel completely overwhelmed and frightened? This session presents a very powerful technique to get through the tricky times.