Fear and anxiety is part of being human. Learn how to work with them and be guided by them.

Title Level Teaching Meditation
Meet the Fockers   Free

An introduction to the chatterbox inside our head.

Learn to control our thoughts   Free

Learn how to recognise and let go of negative thoughts and take back control.

Why train the chatterbox   Free

So, why do we need to train our mind?

What happens when we stop?   Free

How do we deal with the chaos of life.

How do we move on   Free

We can often become trapped and overwhelmed by life's events, we become stuck, but how can we begin to move on with our life.

Living with fear, guilt and worry   Free

Living with painful feelings can be debilitating and inhibit our ability to be peaceful and positive. Here we look at where they come from and how to release them.

It will pass   Free

When we're just hanging in there, is it possible that these feelings will pass? Can things get any worse than this or is there light at the end of the tunnel? In this session we look at the feelings and how we can work our way through them and transform them.

Fear of feelings   Free

Our feelings can be frightening and overwhelming, but learning to be with and work with painful feelings is so empowering. Once we understand them and see them for what they are, they're longer as overwhelming, maybe they're helping us.

Take a chill pill   Free

During a crises, sometimes we lose all sense of perspective, we're running faster and faster. But maybe these are the times we need to step back and become the observer. In this session we look at what we're doing and how to make changes.

It's all about me   Free

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is against you. Are you believing those thoughts? How do they make you feel and how do you keep going? Here we look at those feelings, see how they're trapping us and how to break free.

Learning to let go - sandcastles on the shore   Free

Life is incredibly fluid and fragile, like a game of 'snakes and ladders' so why do we spend our lives trying to control it, holding it all together, resisting reality and others. Here we look at how we can learn to enjoy life, just to be with what is, rather than resisting reality.

Dealing with death   Free

Death is something we will all have to face but something that is rarely talked about. It is the only certainty in our life and so doesn't it make sense to overcome our fear now?

Fear, our underlying feeling   Free

Are we living with an underlying feeling of fear? Is our fear keeping us trapped? In this session we begin to learn to identify and break free of the debilitating feelings of fear.

The world is against you   Free

What do you do when it feels as if the whole world is against you and everything seems to be going pear-shaped?

How to grow old gracefully   Free

Getting older is inevitable but finding it painful or difficult is not. If we start training now, we can prepare ourselves to deal effectively with our old age.

Dealing with insecurity   Free

How can we find a truly reliable source of security in this ever-changing and shifting world?

Why worry?   Free

Worry is a very common response but how productive is it? Does worry solve the problem? This session presents a powerful, positive alternative to worry.

Emergency help   Free

What can we do when we feel completely overwhelmed and frightened? This session presents a very powerful technique to get through the tricky times.