Anger is one of the most destructive parts of our mind. Learn how to identify your anger and let it go before it gets out of control.

Title Level Teaching Meditation
Meet the Fockers   Free

An introduction to the chatterbox inside our head.

Why aren't I happy?   Free

Recognising the destructive power of the chatterbox to make us miserable and the freedom of contentment.

Our computer mind   Free

Why we need to carry out our own personal daily system maintenance.

Learn to control our thoughts   Free

Learn how to recognise and let go of negative thoughts and take back control.

Why train the chatterbox   Free

So, why do we need to train our mind?

What happens when we stop?   Free

How do we deal with the chaos of life.

I'm not angry, you are!   Free

We all have anger, so how do we identify, work with and transform this destructive mind.

Life, is this it?   Free

We've been there, done it, but why does my life still feel hollow, unfulfilled and disappointing? Could it be that there's something more?

Acceptance of the unacceptable   Free

One of our most vital lessons in the process of recovery is to learn to accept it. Here we begin to explore the process.

Being happy - you must be kidding!   Free

At those times, it seems an impossibility to find happiness again. Here we look at how we keep ourselves trapped and techniques to work on recovery, break free from negativity and work on improving our happiness.

Living with painful feelings   Free

No-one likes living with painful feelings, but perhaps they're helping us, showing us something, they are part of being human. So how do we begin to work with and transform them, to make our life better.

Stepping back, stepping away   Free

When we're in the midst of a crises, stepping back seems so counter-intuitive. In this session we look at the rationale for creating some space and dis-engaging from a toxic situation.

Take a chill pill   Free

During a crises, sometimes we lose all sense of perspective, we're running faster and faster. But maybe these are the times we need to step back and become the observer. In this session we look at what we're doing and how to make changes.

It's all about me   Free

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is against you. Are you believing those thoughts? How do they make you feel and how do you keep going? Here we look at those feelings, see how they're trapping us and how to break free.

Why, why, why   Free

Why do some people have all the luck? Why does this keep happening to me? Karma is a very logical explanation of how the world works.

It's not fair but it's okay   Free

Life can seem so unfair and unjust! So what can we do about it and how do we transform these negative feelings.

The world is against you   Free

What do you do when it feels as if the whole world is against you and everything seems to be going pear-shaped?

The problem with Anger   Free

Maybe we think anger is a powerful motivator but it can be very destructive and with damaging results. This session looks at the process of getting angry and how to control it.

Dealing with difficult people   Free

We probably all have people in our lives that we struggle with or push our buttons. We can't change them but we can change our attitude to them so they become valuable.